The deserts here are a deep red most places and people say it is because of all the blood spilled over land and water. The deserts reach far beyond any human capabilities to travel, and some think there is nothing but the desert.

Scattered throughout this barren land are oases with the only aboveground water available. There are also some canyons with springs rushing through them, but these are well hidden by those who know of them, and jealously guarded.

The largest oases known is called Maduri and is controlled by The Republic of Maduri. This is surrounded by several smaller oases that are also under the republic’s thumb. Outside of the republic, there are three notable sultans, mainly Za’atec the Cold, Grimlish the Warrior, and Santiga. Each controls his own large oases and several smaller nearby.

Hundreds of oases exist on this desert however, and they are commonly infested with dragons, giant scorpions, lizards, and other creatures of terror. The ones that are not controlled by these are instead often homes to small villages that are communally operated, and wary of bandits that attempt to steal their water, food, women, and children.

Metal, gems, gold, and glass are abundant in the desert as is fire, but here water almost always costs dearly in blood.

Notably there are 5 great bandit lords that raid the trade caravans, but there names are not yet known.

There is currently a rebellion in the Sultanate of Za’atec the Cold, and he is working wildly to repress it.

Days are 30 hours with 2 hours of dusk and dawn and then 14 hours of night. People are used to longer sleep cycles and longer day cycles. Only about 2 meals a day are common, and generally they are not large meals. People are more accustomed to lower energy lifestyles. Darkness is generally about 3/4 brightness of sunlight because of the huge amount of close stars and 4 moons (never more than 2 show at one time then).