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Magic users in this game will have similar prepared spells as normal, but instead of only being able to cast things once and then they get removed, you may cast a prepared spell multiple times, but every time after the first, it begins to degrade in your memory, and there is a steadily increasing chance of failure and/or random magic effects that can occur. This should help balance the use of magic in the game.

I would like to use the skill “perception” as opposed to the three skills of “listen spot and search” for this game as in Pathfinder.

There are no cross class skills, but your ability to learn is limited by your exposure also, so you may not start a new “craft” skill without first having spent some time with say a blacksmith, or woodworker. Skills you already posses may be upgraded so long as you use them. Also, you may receive training in a new skill for a price.

I think everything else we will address as we go.

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Main Page

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